Blank slate is a minimalistic gel cleanser that is both gentle enough to be used every night and effective at removing daily sunscreen and makeup.


This formula has a low, skin-friendly pH of ~5.8. Additionally, it has medium foam and leaves skin feeling clean but hydrated. This has been formulated without SLS, SLES, coco betaine, fragrance, and essential to include all skin types.

This gel cleanser comes in a 150mL twist-lock pump bottle. Travel friendly!

Directions: Use at night as your second cleanse after first using an oil cleanser. Apply to wet skin and massage on face in a circular motion. Rinse with water and wet wash cloth. Twist pump to lock.

Gentle Gel Cleanser

  • This is what a complete routine looks like for healthy skin! Besides your monthly facials you will never need another product to achieve your skin goals! Skincare is simple. Let us help you!

    You may not have all of these products yet and thats ok we will work up to that.


    1) rinse with cool water and clean wash cloth, 2) Vitamin C serum 3) Hydrating water gel (aquafix), 3) SPF (pca) Wearing a mask all day? Skip the SPF


    1) First cleanse with oil cleanser, 2) Second cleanse with gentle gel cleanser (blank slate), 3) Moisturizer (mr reliable) 4) Beauty Oil (better oil)

    1-2 nights per week add in one drop of exfoliating gel (babysteps, the specialist, or gold standard) to the moisturizer. You can also use them as spot treatments on blemishes! 

    Face and Body Balm is for dry patches on skin! Use on lips as chapstick, dry nose in winter, dry hands, cuticles, elbows, and more!